Hendrik Putman is a tax partner with Mythra tax lawyers. He assists both Belgian and foreign private individuals, SMEs, family-owned business and multinationals regarding personal income tax, corporate income tax, non-resident taxation, international taxation (inbound and outbound investments), source withholding tax and real estate tax. Hendrik advises with respect to mergers and reorganizations (a.o. tax due diligence, screening of agreements etc.), defends the interests of his clients in administrative proceedings and assist them with the application for advance rulings. He also represents his clients before courts and tribunals. As an advisor to different (international) not-for-profit organizations, foundations, hospitals and governmental institutions (cities and municipalities, provinces, public centers for social welfare, autonomous municipal enterprises, autonomous provincial enterprises, inter-municipal associations etc.) he has built up a special expertise with respect to the taxation of the social profit and public sectors. He has a broad experience in the field of legal entities tax, the tension between legal entities tax and corporate income tax and restructurings and forms of cooperation in these sectors (a.o. PPP). Hendrik also has numerous clients active in the sector of IT, technology and innovation, who he advises with respect to the taxation of IP (a.o. tax qualification of income), innovation income deduction and the other tax incentives that exist in Belgium. In 2007, Hendrik graduated magna cum laude from the University of Ghent. During his law studies, he spent a year at the University of Glasgow. After his law studies he completed a specialization master in tax law cum laude at the Université libre de Bruxelles. During that same year, he became a member of the Brussels bar and started his career as a lawyer at the tax department of the international law firm of Baker & McKenzie in Brussels. In 2012 he joined the tax department of the law firm Laga (associated with Deloitte), where he worked until the end of 2016. Hendrik is also active at an academic level. He is a regular speaker at seminars and author of numerous articles with respect to (international) taxation. Mythra Tax Lawyers cannot only assist you with respect to taxation issues, but also with respect other legal questions (general corporate law or specific areas of expertise, such as social law, IP, commercial law, banking and finance etc.) through its extensive Belgian legal network.

LOCATION: Brussels, Belgium


CURRENT FIRM: Mythra Tax Lawyers

PRIOR FIRM(S): Baker & McKenzie

LAW SCHOOL: University of Ghent

ADVANCED DEGREES: Master in Taxation, 2008 (Free University of Brussels)



Estate Planning

(International Tax Planning, Tax Planning)

Startups and Venture Capital

INDUSTRY: IT, technology, innovation, healthcare, hospitality, life sciences, not-for-profit, governmental institutions