Our firm is dedicated exclusively to the representation of individuals, families and entities facing significant and difficult family law transitions. Our work includes negotiation, mediation, and representation for premarital agreements, cohabitation agreements, post-marital agreements, dissolution, and issues relating to children. We employ a team approach to provide the most cost-effective representation. We are one of the Bay Area's largest firms exclusively devoted to family law.

LOCATION: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

LICENSED TO PRACTICE IN: California including designation as a Certified Family Law Expert by the Board of Specialization for the State Bar of California.

CURRENT FIRM: Sefton Family Law Group; effective 11/1/17: Apex Family Law PC

PRIOR FIRM(S): Latham & Watkins

LAW SCHOOL: Harvard University

HONORS AND AWARDS: Graduated magna cum laude; member of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau representing indigent parties in family law matters.


Family Law

(Custody Actions, Domestic Violence and Safety Issues, Marriage and Domestic Partnership Dissolutions, Modification Proceedings, Postmarital and Post-Domestic-Partnership Agreements, Premarital and Pre-Domestic-Partnership Planning)

INDUSTRY: We represent individuals, families, and business and entities facing family law issues. From relationships at their start (cohabitation, domestic partnership, premarital agreements, parentage/custody) to transitions at the end of a relationship or life (post-marital agreements, dissolution of marriage, death, domestic violence), we help navigate clients through the world of family law where it intersects their life at various key stages of transition and planning.