2021 Legal Outlook: COVID, Cybersecurity, Environment, Diversity & Equality

Legal trends commonly begin by a confluence of economic and regulatory events.
Changes in laws, regulations and technology have come at a rapid pace over the past
year. Not only have these changes affected clients for legal services, the events that
occurred during 2020 required lawyers and legal systems to rethink many aspects of the
practice of law.

Size, practice focus and entrepreneurial spirit allows boutique legal practitioners to
respond quickly to changes in the legal landscape while providing an enhanced client
experience in a cost effective manner. Select Counsel was founded to create a unique
global network of boutique practices of former Big Law attorneys with top academic
credentials. Our members are uniquely positioned to respond to the challenges
presented by the current global events and the rapidly changing business and legal

In the coming months, Select Counsel will be highlighting our members’ specialty, niche
and micro-niche practices to help you and your business prepare for and respond to the
most pressing current and foreseeable legal issues including: COVID-related issues,
data privacy and cybersecurity, diversity and equality, sustainability and environmental,
intellectual property, transnational best practices and dispute resolution, corporate
reorganization and bankruptcy, and more.
We hope you will join us.